Professional Computer Software Consultants


S390 Platform Services.

We have technical staff skilled in both applications and systems programming on IBM mainframe platforms using MVS, OS390 and z/OS operating systems.

Experts in Assembler, Cobol, PLI, REXX, CLIST, ISPF Dialog Services, CICS, VSAM, DB2, IMS and much more, are available to help your company achieve its IT goals. In addition we have a broad range of diagnostic and fault analysis skills which can help you to resolve complex problems and get more from your S390 system.

We have carried out a number of software migrations, including several, large scale, CICS Macro-level to Command-level conversions. Although Macro-level code has long been obsolete on the mainframe platform, a number of installations still run this code under a run-time converter such as Comet, Command-CICS or Macroman. This leads to problems in retaining such skills within the organisation, large support fees to vendors of such products and no guarantee that these products will function with all future CICS releases. If you are using a Macro-level to Command-Level run-time converter and would like to discuss moving away from this product then please contact us immediately.

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